City Council

The City of Tennessee Ridge uses a mayor-council-manager form of government where the mayor and city council make policy decisions which the city manager and his staff implement. The mayor and four member council, who are elected for staggered four year terms, meet the first Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at city hall.

Stony Odom, Mayor
295 Lakeview Cir
Tennessee Ridge, TN 37178-5162
Ray Bradley, Vice Mayor
160 Peachtree St
Tennessee Ridge, TN 37178-5124
Darrell Allison, Commissioner
265 Sara Acres Dr
Tennessee Ridge, TN 37178-3002
Bryan Bumpus, Commissioner
555 Cooley Ford Rd
Tennessee Ridge, TN 37178-5052
Trent Hearndon, Commissioner
279 Hwy 49
Tennessee Ridge, TN 37178-5320
Kenneth Dunavant, City Manager
820 Dogwood Dr
Erin, TN 37061-5109