Welcome to Our Town

The City of Tennessee Ridge welcomes you to our website and to our town. Tennessee Ridge was chartered in 1960. We are located in Houston County, in the State of Tennessee, just minutes from beautiful Kentucky Lake.

Tennessee Ridge is less than an hour away from Clarksville, Dickson, Paris, Waverly, and Camden and just a little over an hour from Nashville. Visitors can come by land or by water or even air as we have an airport just a few miles down the road in McKinnon.

Tennessee Ridge has a rich history and heritage that we continue to add to each day. The city was founded by Scandinavians, and in more recent times, fruit orchards and the railroad were big business for Tennessee Ridge. There are still several fruit trees around the area, and where the railroad once stood, a walking trail now takes its place.

Tennessee Ridge Elementary School (TRES) is our only school, for K-5th grade, after that its on to Houston County Middle School for our students. TRES sports teams are known as the Mustangs and their colors are blue and gold.

Tennessee Ridge is home to just over thirteen hundred people as of the 2010 census and we have a few restaurants and grocery stores and other businesses in town. The city is run by the mayor-council-manager form of government. Along with the mayor and city manager, we have four commissioners. Our council meetings are usually held the first Monday of the month at 6pm at city hall.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. Now do yourself a favor and come visit our city! (Unless of course you already live here.) The small-town hospitality that we will show you will no doubt impress you. As for those who already live in this great town, take time to talk to your neighbor and be sure to support our businesses in the city as Tennessee Ridge steps into the digital age and into the future.


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